Our 350 chevy V8 Powered 1969 VW Beetle Hot Rod Project
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Site Updated 6-27-12!!! Check out the Body Work section where I have started repairing the passenger side door!!!!!

Our 350 chevy V8 Powered 1969 VW Beetle Hot Rod Project

Welcome to the V8 VW Beetle Resource!!!

Hello My Name is Zach Bell and I have created the V8 VW Beetle Resource to help others like myself build a V8 powered VW bug.

When my wife and I first started building our hot rod bug it was hard to find much information on the web. There were a few people's projects that I found in forums but that was about it.

I have put this site together not just so people can follow along with our project, but also to give others ideas and help with their own projects. On this site you can see several categories in our build process, the cost of the project, and also in the links/resources section you can find valuable information on building your bug, where you can buy parts, and also links to forums where others have similar projects. I've also added a V8 beetle gallery, so if you have a hot rod beetle project, feel free to email me some info and/or pictures so I can add them to that section. Also if you have anything to add to the links/resource section please let me know.

In no way am I saying that this is the only way, correct way, or the best way of building a V8 beetle. Its just OUR way of doing it. I'm just trying to give people ideas and help them out where I can. If you have any ideas of your own feel free to share them weather they be for your project or something you think we should incorporate into ours. I'm always open to different ideas.

A Little about Our V8 Hot Rod Beetle Project

So my wife and I are cramming a 350 Chevy V8 into our 1969 Convertible VW Beetle. It's defiantly not a "conventional" project, but hey that's never stopped me before.

We are putting the bug body onto a shortened and modified S-10 chassis and have the 350 mounted to that. This means the engine will be up front were it "should" be.

The Beetle body has also been widened 8" and the wheel base lengthened 3" to give us more interior room and also more room for the engine. If that is not enough I'll be bringing some of my composite construction experience from our hovercrafts to the V8 beetle project. The bug will be getting a foam and fiberglass composite floor, and a composite or fiberglass hard convertible top will replace the old soft top!!!

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