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leveling 200r4 trans on s10 chassis for v8 bug

Next I wanted to get the transmission cross member made for the 200r4 (2004R) transmission and modified S-10 chassis, until this point the trans has just been sitting on a piece of pipe that was across the rails. To start out I pushed the bug into the garage and hoisted up the tail end of the transmission to where I wanted it to get the engine and transmission angle just right. I then got he engine centered just where I wanted it and tack welded the engine mount adaptors that I made a while back to the s-10 chassis. After I had the tail of the trains just about where I wanted it, I took some measurements so I could start making a cross memeber. I realize that the angle of the chassis might change a little as the car gets to be more complete, so I made the cross memeber with enough room to shim the trans up or down a little bit.

buildling a 2x4 steel transmission cross member for s10 bug chassis

I got into making the cross member and kind of forgot to take a couple pictures along the way. Here is the main part of the cross member after I got it made. I used some 2x4 steel tubing that I had left over from a trailer we built for our hovercrafts. I notched the ends of the tubing to pull it up into the frame to get my trans mount hight correct, and then welding some heavy angle over the notch to strengthen it up. I also got the hold drilled for the transmission mount.

eye balling modfied s10 v8 beetle rolling chassis

Just eye balling the chassis after getting the engine and transmission mounted to where they are supposed to be, and also haveing the rear suspension finished from my last update.

modified s10 chassis with 350 engine and 2004r transmission for v8 bug

v8 beetle chassis engine and transmission

Just a couple more angles.

v8 beetle chassis with suspension engine and transmission installed

bolting in 200r4 trans cross member

Next I lifted the tail end of the 200r4 up and pulled the crossmember back out to drill some mounting holes, then I put it back in and drilled matching holes in the chassis. I was tempted just to weld in the cross member, but I figured I'd better bolt it just incase I ever wanted to change transmissions or something.....

building cross member for 2004r OD transmission

While I had the cross member out I also welded a 1/8" support plate on the top and a 1/4" support plate on the bottom. I did this becuase I drilled access holes in the top of the crossmember so I could get to the trans mount bolts and then cut a spot out in the bottom to also be able to get to the center trans mount nut.....

200r4 cross member braces for modfied s10 v8 beetle chassis.

Next I needed to make some braces to tie the cross member into the top side of the frame rails to help keep them from twisting and to make sure everything is plunty strong. I used some more of the 2x4 tubing that I had, and did a little cutting, bending and drilling.

bolting in 200r4 crossmember in v8 bug s10 chassis

Here I have the crossmember braces sitting in place after I got everything drilled. Of course I ran out of bolts so off to the hardware.........

v8 beetle drive shaft with 1350 u joint pinion flange adaptor

Since I didn't have the bolts for the cross member I decided to get my drive shaft adapted to fit the ford explorer 8.8 rear end. The rear end didn't come with the pinion flange adaptor, so I had to order one, but I found a ford 8.8 pinion flange adaptor for 1350 U-joints, which was great because that's what my driveshaft whats, plus I had a 1350 U-Joint already, so no need to order a conversion u-joint like I had to for the s-10 rear end....

Drive shaft in v8 powered hot rod beetle.

Here I have the drive shaft put in place........... Fits perfect, like it was ment to be........ Hard to believe that one half of a drive shaft from a 77 c-20 truck was the perfect length....

bolted in v8 beetle transmission crossmember for 2004r transmission on s-10 chassis

After A trip to the hardware store the transmission crossmember is complete.... Well it needs alittle more welding but I ran out of sheilding gas.... I'll finish the welding up when I pull everything back apart to undercoat the chassis.

beetle body back on modified s-10 chassis

Now it looks like a car again....... LOL I dropped the body back on the chassis, and with all the old body and bed mounts cut off, and the rear suspension set up I was able to get the body just about where I want it to end up..... Next I need to work on a rear cross member to mount the shocks and sway bar end links, plus to tie the back end of the chassis back together again..... Then I'll probably be working on making some traction bars, and then, and then and then................

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