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homemade traction bar drawing for v8 beetle leaf springs.

Here is a quick drawing I threw together to show what I'm planning on doing for traction bars. If I had to do it over again, I may have gone with a 4 link rear suspension setup or something, but then again CHEAP is one of the major points of this project. I decided to build some traction bars for the rear leaf springs because the car is going to be pretty light and there isn't going to be much weight over the rear end, I figure every bit will help. The idea of the traction bars to help reduce wheel hop, spring wrap, and help with weight transfer.

The triangular bracket in the left of the picture goes on the front leaf spring mount. I'll use a longer 9/16" bolt with a couple 9/16"x3/4" bushings on the outsides of the spring mount as swivels, and then weld a couple brackets onto the lower leaf spring plates. Then an ajustable tube with heim joints on either end will connect the two. When the torque from the axle tries to rotate the axle it would normally cause the springs to wrap a bit, or make and "S" shape. With the traction bars the adjustable tube under the leaf springs pushes on the front bracket causing it to put pressure on the top side of the leaf spring helping to reduce spring wrap, at the same time the traction bars are trying to lift the front end of the car, helping to transfer more weight to the rear end for better traction............. Well at least thats the idea..... Just to see I'll probably have to drive the car both with and without them just out of curiosity :)

homemade traction bar bracket drawing for v8 bug

Then I went ahead and drew up the front bracket so I could figure out what size pieces of steel I needed, how long of bolts, etc.....

homemade traction bar bracket dimensions

Here is a demensioned drawing for the bracket, feel free to "borrow" my idea. You may need to make some changes though to fit your project. If you do use this info to build a set for yourself, please just post a link to this page to let other people know about it.

home made traction bar brackets for v8 beetle

Next I cut out and drilled the front brackets. They came out real nice for cutting them out with a 3.5" angle grinder, but a drill press is pretty much required for the holes.

traction bar leaf spring plate brakets

Then I cut the brackets out that will get welded to the leaf spring plates.

welded traction bar bracket to leaf spring plate

Then I welded them onto the leaf spring plates. I'll probably take these to work later on and thow them in the steel shot blaster to clean them up so I can repaint them.

welded traction bar bracket to leaf spring plates for hot rod v8 bug

And here is the other side.

leaf spring plate with homemade traction bar bracket mounted.

Then I bolted the leaf spring plates back on, I'll cut the extra U bolts off later btw.....

V8 beetle rear suspension

Just another look at everything.

Homemade rear traction bars for leaf springs

Here I am eyeballing it with half of the front bracket sitting there. Now I need to get some tubing, heim joints, bolts, etc.....

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