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homemade traction bar tubing and heim joints.

Here are all the pieces for the tube part of the homemade traction bar. The tubing is 3/4" id x 1"od, the heim joints have 3/4" threads and 3/4" bore, and the nuts are from www.boltdepot.com One end has left and threads and the other has right hand threads, that way when you twist the tube the traction bar gets longer or shorter for adjustment.

homemade traction bar tubes welded up

Here I have the tubes all welded up and and ready to be installed. I don't have jam nuts on them yet though, the regular sized nuts left very little room for adjustment so I need to get some 3/4"-16 jam nuts. The nut that is welded onto the middle of the tube is a stainless nut, I used a stainless nut there so when the paint gets scratched off of it from adjusting the homemade traction bars they won't rust.

front homemade traction bar bracket mounted

Here I have the front traction bar bracked mounted on the spring hanger. There is a 9/16"x3/4" bushing on the outsides of the leaf spring hanger that the bracket rotates on, and a 3/4" bolt above the leaf spring with a 3/4"x1" spacer on it that will push down on the leaf spring as the axle rotates.

home made traction bar mounted on front mount for v8 beetle

Next cut a couple more 3/4"x1" spacers to keep the heim joint centered in the front bracket and mounted the bar to the bracket.

diy traction bar mounted to rear brackets

When I welded the rear mounts onto the leaf spring plates I welded wide enough apart that the heim joints just needed a washer on either side of them. The DIY traction bars are now done, well except for the jam nuts to lock the tubes into position, I'll throw them on when I take everything back apart to primer and undercoat.

installed diy traction bars on modified s10 chassis for v8 bug

Here is the homemade traction bar on the other side, I'm real happy with the way they came out and think they'll work great.

v8 beetle s10 chassis homemade traction bar

I can really see how these will work well, just turning these traction bars by hand I can lift the front end of the car up about an inch. I can see how they help to keep the springs from wrapping up, and lift the front end on acceleration and transfer weight to the rear. I'll probably adjust them so they just bearly make contact with the spring to start with.

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