Our 350 chevy V8 Powered 1969 VW Beetle Hot Rod Project
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My wife (Tiffany) and I bought our 1969 convertible VW Beetle in March of 2008. It was VERY rough and I have been told I'm crazy for trying to restore it.......... But thats okay, it has never stopped me before. People have told me I was crazy for building hovercrafts, and for building a half scale R/C hovercraft, buying and fixing up the house we live in etc........... They have all worked out great so far, so I figure I'll be okay. We will get this project finished one way or another, it might not be in a conventenal method, or totally origonal, but we'll be driving it one day.

The Story of Our 1969 VW Beetle...............

Our Plans for our V8 VW Beetle.

Getting our 1969 VW Beetle Home.

Collecting Parts for our Project.

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