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widened vw beetle body 11

Our Convertible beetle body WAS widened 8", when I did that it was just a number that sounded good to me at the time......... LOL I left plunty of extra bracing inside to widen it more if I wanted so I have been thinking about it for a while. Finally I decided to widen the car 11" over the rear axle, and 9" at the dashboard. I really like the wide look the car has to it, and I also dropped the body about another 3/4"

pie widend 69 convertible vw beetle body

widened hot rod VW V8 Beetle

There are a few reasons I went wider, and also why I went 11" in the back and 9" in the front. First of all I wear size 14 quadruple wide shoes, so I'll need all the foot room I can get....... LOL Also I'm not a small guy so some more elbow room will be nice too.

hot rod VW Beetle widened 9 inches up front and 11inches in the back

wide hot rod vw beetle

I'm also planning on putting new wheels and tires on the car when its done, and was going to get wheels with a different offset to fit 8" widened body. With these "mock up" wheels on the car I have really got to liking the stance and track width with the car has now, but the tires would be too wide for the body the way it was. With this new "pie" shaped widening the body will now fit the trackwidth I have now.

installed diy traction bars on modified s10 chassis for v8 bug

v8 beetle s10 chassis homemade traction bar

I'm also planning on ditching the soft convertible top for a hard convertible top. It will be a composite folding top, and will fold up behind the seat, a lot like the soft top did, but since it will be hard it will take up more room and have to tuck down behind the seat. With the back of the car being a little wider than the front I will have more room for the top to tuck behind the seat. Hey...... It all makes since inside my head.... and Yes I may be a little bit crazy.....

v8 beetle s10 chassis homemade traction bar

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