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1969 VW convertible beetle door

Next I wanted to repair the doors for the bug. The bottoms of the doors are rusted out pretty badly, and I don't have the money to get a good set of doors for the car. So instead I'm planning a little Frankenstein surgery to fix them. Here I have the drivers side door all stripped down to just th door itself.

1969 vw beetle convertible door, and 1968-1969 hard top door

I don't have any extra convertible doors, but I do have a few 1968-1969 hard top doors, and two of them are in GREAT shape. As you can see the inside panel of the doors are different, but the outside of the doors are the same except for the top of the door. Being that the bottoms are the only thing rusted out of my convertible doors I'll be able to repair them.

cutting a convertible vw beetle door

So next I very carefully laid out the lines where I wanted to cut both doors. I had to be sure I wasn't going to cut too much out and make the doors shorter, and it would also be a pain in the butt if I didn't cut enough out and made them longer and I had to keep trimming them. I highlighted my lines in red to make it easier to see what I was doing.

cutting a hard top vw beetle door

And here is the other door.

chopping a convertible vw beetle door

Here you can see where I plan to cut around the corner on the convertible door, and the X's on the scrap part of the door..

chopping a hardtop vw beetle door

And then the hardtop door.

1968 and 1969 vw beetle convertible vs hard top doors

Next I carefully marked out the outside of the doors, again I highlighted my line in red. I wanted to espeacially be carefull on the outside of the door, as I didn't want to have to fill in any gaps from cutting out too much metal.

v8 beetle door repair

v8 beetle door repair

v8 beetle door cut in half

Here is the outside of the hardtop door after I cut it, its a bit hard to see in this picture though.....

v8 beetle convertible door repair

And then the convertible door, again hard to see much.

split vw beetle door

And here is the inside of the doors after I cut them apart.

v8 beetle door repair

v8 beetle door repair

I these next three pictures I pulled the sections of the doors apart so you can see the cut a bit better.

v8 beetle door repair

v8 beetle door repair

v8 beetle door repair

All the carefull measuring and cutting really paid of, the two halfs fit together almost perfectly. I just had to trim a bit here and there to get a perfect fit!

v8 beetle door repair

Then I put a couple clamps on it so I could stand the door up and get a good look at both sides of it. I think so far it has turned out real nice, of course the cutting was the easy part..... Now I just have to be sure I don't work the crap out of it welding it back together....

v8 beetle door repair

I was going to clean the paint off of the joint and go ahead and weld it up, but I noticed a couple places inside the door where there was a bit of surface rust, that I could only see and get to with the door cut up. So I'll be taking the door to work and cleaning those spots up with the glass bead blaster. Then I'll spray some epoxy primer on the insides....... Then it will be onto welding them back together again. I'll be sure to make small tacks in various spots to help control the warpage. Then I'll mix up some homemade epoxy filler and smooth everything out before epoxy priming the door........ etc.............

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