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welding 1969 vw beetle door

First let me say sorry to taking so long for another update, and I also forget to take some pictures along the way. I haven't had a whole lot of time to work on the beetle, and when I did I didn't always remember to grab the camera.

I started welding the door back together with just a few spot welds here and there to make sure it looked good, so far so good.

hot rod vw beetle door repair

As you can see after getting a few welds on there I put them back on the car to make sure the profile of the door still matched the body.

profile of repaired vw beetle door

I think it looks pretty darn good considering I cut two doors in half to make one. Now I just need to slowing start adding more small welds spread evenly across the door to try to keep warping to a minimum, this is where I forgot to take some pictures.....

welding inside of vw beetle door

Here is the inside of the door all welded back up, came out pretty good I think, just needs a bit of grinding..

grinding inside of hot rod vw bug door

Here is the inside after a little grinding, after grinding the welds I took the door down to bare metal to get a good surface for the epoxy primer.

spi epoxy primer on inside vw beetle door

Here is the inside of the door after I primed it with SPI Epoxy Primer. I have herd nothing but good things about SPI's Epoxy Primer and clear coat.......... I'm sold now, the primer sprayed great!.

spi epoxy primer on outside of 1969 vw beetle door

The ouside of the door turned out pretty good too, I just put a little bit of filler across the weld area because welding it cause a bit of a flat spot in the door. There is also a small low spot in the door handle area, but it won't take much filler to blend take care of that. While I was welding I also welded up the trim holes.

vw beetle door with no hinges

Here is a better look at the top of the door. You may have also noticed that the hinges are no longer on the doors. They were rusty and sloppy so I decided to replace them with something else.

speedway stainless steel budget hinges

I decided to get a couple sets of Speedway's Stainless Budget Hinges, they are skinnier than the VW hinges so I also welded a little more sheet metal in to make the hinge holes in the door smaller and I welded up the extra hinge bolt holes too.

stainless budget hinges from speedway motors.

Here is the speedway stainless budget hinge opened up, one leg on it is 1/4" think and the other is 3/16" think, I think these will work great for replacement VW hinges. The hinge slot in the door is about 3/16" wide, so that leg will be the one that gets mounted to the doors, It looks like this makes the hinges go on upside down compaired to what they were ment to be, so I will just put the hinge pins in the opposite way. It looks like they'll work great this way.

modifiying speedway stainless budget hinges for vw beetle doors

Of course the hinges are too long so next I but the 3/16" thick side of the hinge to the correct length.

cut vw bug speedway stainless budget hinge

I used my dewalt 4.5" angle grinder with a cut off wheel to trim the hinge.

speedway budget hinge in vw beetle door

Here is the hinge in the door after I cut it. They'll look a lot nicer than the old rust vw hinges.

drilling speedway budget hinges for vw beetle door

Now I just need to mark the holes to drill and tap.

vw bug hinges replaced with speedway motor stainless budget hinges

Here you can see the two stock VW door hinge holes. They were counter sunk into the VW hinges, so after getting the hinges out I put a 1/4" bolt through the hole with a washer on both sides and put a nut on the other side of the door and tightened it up to flatten out the counter sunk holes. THe other 2 holes were welded up and then I drilled 2 new holes closer in to match up with the skinner speedway motor budget hinges.

v8 beetle door repair

After doing the top hinge I did pretty much the same thing to the bottom hinge, but again forgot to take pictures.....

v8 beetle stainless hinge backing plates

The old hinges had counter sunk rivits holding them on, instead I'll be using high strength serated head Stainless bolts, and to strengthen the door where the hinges will bolt on I cut some 2" wide x 1/8" thick stainless backing strips.

speedway budget hinges mounted on vw beetle door

And here are the Speedway Motors stainless steel budget hinges assembled on the door.

stainless steel VW beetle hinges

And Just another look at the hinges

stainless steel hot rod budget hinges

I think the stainless hinges really turned out nice..... Now I just have to do this process all over again with the other door, but atleast now I know what I'm doing......

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