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rusted out 1969 vw beetle door

The passenger side door wasn't rusted as bad as the driver side, so I didn't have to cut nearly as much of the bottom of the door off, this should make it a bit easier to repair. I started off making my marks at 4" on one side and 5" on the other side.

marking beetle door to cut

Then I flipped over the door and marked up the back side. Just like the other door I'll cut just above the mounting holes for the door panel.

cutting hard top beetle door for convertible

Then I did the same thing to the donor door

v8 bug door

removing vw beetle hinges

Next I removed the hinges from the top of the convertible door, and the bottom of the donor door. They are rivited on so first I drilled out the rivits. I started with a 1/8" bit and slowly went up untill I drilled out the heads.

door hinges removed on vw beetle

Then I pulled the hinges out. The rivits are countersunk into the hinges so it takes a bit to pull them out. I used a wide plastic pry bar against the hinge and the edge of the door. Later I'll flaten these spots out and then weld the holes up I won't use.

welding 1969 vw beetle door

Next I started welding the two halves back together again. Use small welds spaced out to help keep from warping the door.

welding inside of vw beetle door

If you haven't done any body panel welding, the inside of the door is a good place to get some practice, since it isn't a big flat surface, it won't warp as easy.

welding outside of vw door

Next I moved back to the outside of the door, and slowly and evenly added more and more small welds. You can also see a bondo surprise that I found on the lower right side of the door, it looks like someone dented in that part of the door and filled it with bondo. I took it all out and hammered out the dent the best I could, after I epoxy prime the door it should blend right in with a little epoxy filler.

welding inside of vw bug door.

Then I moved back to the inside of the door and started filling in the welds

welded patch on vw beetle door

And finally I got it all welded solid, now I just need to do some grinding and maybe touch up with a few more welds here and there.

welded patch on outsided of vw beetle door

Here is the front of the door all welded up, while I was welding I also welded up the trim holes, made the hinge holes smaller for my stainless hinges, etc... I also flattened out the old hinge rivit holes and welded up the ones that I won't need. After all the welding and grinding I'm left with a bit of a flat spot in the seem of the two doors. After spraying the door with some SPI epoxy primer I'll be able to fill that in with a little epoxy filler with no problem.

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