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On this page I have many links to places where you can get parts for your project, sites that might save you a little money. Basically sites and businesses that I have found to help me along with this project.

If you have anything that you feel would be a good addition to this section of the site please email me and let me you. My email address is zachb@v8beetleresource.com

Alcast Company Permanate Mold Aluminum Foundry

Well I just have to put a quick plug in for my employer, Alcast Company, a permanant mold aluminum foundry where I work as a Assistant Facilities Manager and am also their Webmaster(you may see a resemblance in the website LOL.)

The Alcast Company aluminum foundry has been a big help to the project. I am able to use the sand, glass bead, and steel shot blasters, along with the lathes, mills, etc and also borrow other tools I might need.

Thanks to everyone at Alcast Company!!!

Craigs list

Alright Craigslist is no secrate I know, but I've gotten lots of good deals from the local craigslist, and have been able to sell lots of spare parts on craigslist also.

Thanks to Craigslist we have been able to keep our costs down!

Ebay Logo

Another well know site, but you can also save lots of money using ebay. I've created many saved searches for parts I knew that I would need eventually and have gotten great deals on parts that might have costs me 2-4 times more!

We also bought our beetle on Ebay, but becareful buying a car on ebay, exspecially if its not local and you can't see it in person before you bid on it. Car's usually look better in pictures than in person.

Also don't get caught up in the excitement of bidding, you don't want to end up paying more than something is worth. Keep an eye on shipping costs, high shipping can quickly turn a good deal bad! Finally wait until the last seconds to place your bid, and place you best bid at that time!

Rock Auto

Rock Auto has tons of parts for pretty much every car, at usually pretty good prices. Sometimes you can also get 10% off coupons from them too! Be careful not to buy cheap crapy Chinese made off brand parts though, you usually get what you pay for!

Always check with summit, and JEGS(or any other supplier that might sell the part for that matter) before buying something from rockauto. Usually all 3 are pretty close on price and shipping, but sometimes you can find a better coupon for one or the other.

Summit Racing

I'm sure you know about Summit Racing already, but sometimes you can get a good deal from them, but other times I have found them to be WAY over priced. It also depends sometimes if they are running a special for free shipping. Sometimes you can even find a free shipping or 10% off coupon.

Remember to shop around! Also get one of their free catalogs so you can sit and look at it and dream when you don't have money for parts....... LOL


You can't forget about JEGS, they sell a lot of the same stuff as summit. Once again somtimes they are over priced, watch for sales and coupons here too. And same deal with the free catalog.

hot rod coupon

With all this talk about coupons here is a suggestion finding some. Seach google for the business name followed by coupon ie. JEGS coupons there are several sites that people post online coupons on and lots of times you can find free shipping or 5% or 10% coupon codes for many sites.

speedway motors

Speedway motors sells lots of oval track, hot rod, and muscle car parts. They also have some real nice prices, such as ~50 bucks for a tubular metric upper control arm that will work for the s-10 chassis.

McMaster Carr

I wouldn't say Mc Master Carr is a common hot rod parts supplier, but they do have good prices on bolts and nuts, taps, etc and they have fast shipping. They have tons and tons of things that could come in handy for a hot rod project, the potientials are endless! For example I bought some castable urethane rubber from them to make some custom leaf spring bushings and body mounts.


Probably another odd ball hot rod parts supplier LOL, but I'm planing on brining some of my composite construction experience from hovercrafts to this project. I'll be putting in a foam fiberglass composite floor and problaby a fiberglass hard top. Check these guys out for Epoxy, fiberglass, kevlar, and carbon fiber.

US Composites

About the same as above, these guys are usually cheaper on epoxy though. I have had great experiences with both brands of epoxy and both companies.


I'm sure you've herd of JC Whitney already. They sells tons of automotive parts for just about everthing including VW's. Just be careful of what you buy they sell a lot of cheap, low quality stuff. Remember you usually get what you pay for.


How about some VW parts, so far I haven't bought from any of these sites, so far I've been able to find all my VW parts on craigs list.

Midwest VW Parts

More VW parts


More VW parts. If you know any more VW parts sites or have any experience with one let me know and I can post it here!

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