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We are planning on a little bit of a different "restoration" for this VW Beetle. We are wanting to update the car a little and give the interior more of a modern look. Also we will be upgrading the engine to get MORE POWER :)

Origonally were were thinking of putting a small subaru engine in the back of the little bug since I have lots of experience with subaru engines with hovercrafts.

One night my wife Tiffany said that she didn't really want a "whimpy" 4 cyl engine in the car and asked if I could put a 6cyl engine in it. I told her if I was going to do all that work then I might as well just put a 350 in the bug............................. And she said sure!!!!!!!!!!!

So thats our plan, we'll be building ourselves a 350 powered hot rod convertible VW beetle, it should be interesting. We aren't building it to race or anything, just a fun toy.

We bought a c-20 pickup for a donor vehicle with 5000 miles and a remanufactured 350. We'll be putting the 350 and beetle body on an S-10 chassis. We are also widening the entire car 8" to fit the width of the s-10 chassis, rather than making wider finders, and we will add 3" to the wheel base. This will give us more interior room and also a little more room for the 350. Eventually I'd like to build an engine for the bug with more power, nothing major just 300-350hp, but first we'll worry about getting the car built.

We'll be getting the power from the engine to the rear end using an 200R4 four speed automatic transmission with overdrive that I got from a 1987 Monte. This 200R4 has the CZ5 valve body in it and is supposed to be one of the more desirable. Plus it only had 87,xxx miles on it and the donor car still drove good, so I'll be able to get by without rebuilding it for a while. I'll probably rebuild it when I build a new engine for the bug.

The drive shaft is the rear half of the 2 piece drive shaft from the C-20 engine donor truck. It fit just like it was ment to be in there so we didn't have to worry about cutting down a drive for the car. For now I'll be using the 3.42 S10 rear end that was on the S-10, we may upgrade down the road, we'll wait and see.

We are also planning on making this a hard top convertible, I figure I can use/modify the existing convertible top frame and make the hard top out of foam and glass since I have lots of experense with that kind of stuff from the hovercrafts. I might even make the top out of carbon fiber and clear coat it, but we'll see.

We like the looks of the beetle, but don't really care if its all origonal, so we are going to make it look the way we want it to......................... We will see how it turns out, it should be fun!!!

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